In 2003, C2I created the ACRE Investment Platform to drive scale and operationalize the ACRE. Being on the forefront of thought, development and operations within both the business and conservation worlds is what sets the ACRE approach apart from other, more unilateral approaches to climate change. Today, ACRE Investment Management operates four companies—Big River, Forest Green, GreenTrees, and Conservation+. 


Big River, our nursery operation, is home our cottonwood trees that are at the heart of our planting regime. Our unique inter-planting regime is one of the primary tools we use to build a forest on a compressed time-frame. The regime relies on the cottonwood trees, of which we have 15 clones, to act as nurse trees to the slower growing hardwoods.

Forest Green mobilizes technology through its Carbon Transaction Platform, which empowers businesses and individuals to drive climate change with every transaction. Forest Green is an extension of the success of its sister company, GreenTrees.


GreenTrees operationalizes the ACRE, our planting regime and river system approach. Today, GreenTrees is the leading carbon reforestation program in North America and has focused its efforts on reforestation within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV)—America’s Ark of Biodiversity. The MAV drains 41% of the United States and two Canadian Provinces and serves as a flyway for 60% of birds in North America. This unique program also incentivizes landowner participation through a public/private partnership model that keeps farmers on their land and creates economic incentives for environmental stewardship.


Conservation+ both works with private landowners as well as purchases targeted lands to monetize a waterfall of ecological credits on each acre of property—wetland, stream, nutrient, carbon, water storage, etc. The nexus between clean air and water, puts forests at the center of our conservation efforts. Without water no species, economy, society, or ecosystem can flourish. All of our ambitious projects radiate from a water centric starting point and in that they mimic life.