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Acre Investment Management is a wholly owned Investment platform designed to drive the Forest Fund’s growth and success across four distinct divisions: Big River Nursery, GreenTrees, Conservation Plus, and Forest Green. Using private capital, these entities form a connected system to further our Forest Fund vision.

The production of cottonwood cuttings by Big River Nursery amounts to significant carbon accumulations and is essential to our planting regime. Then, GreenTrees plants the trees as the tool to build forests, while Conservation Plus develops surrounding ecological values on the land. ForestGreen mobilizes consumer transaction of carbon credits, which are used to repopulate the cutting-to-forest supply chain. Those forests are then the force that helps mitigate climate change.

In many ways, trees are the story. But carbon generation and permanence — the economic enabler — make them possible. New forests became our product, and restoring the landscape of America’s heartland is our ultimate aspiration.

Restoring one million acres of forests, then, uses nature’s technology to originate an abundant pipeline of high quality forestry carbon credits, which both finances new forest creation and meets the emerging demand to combat climate change.


Big River Nursery is the leading cottonwood nursery in North America with an annual production of ten million cuttings across fifteen native clones to the Southeast.


Forest Green mobilizes technology through its Carbon Transaction Platform, which empowers businesses and individuals to drive climate change with every transaction.


GreenTrees is the largest reforestation carbon program in North America with over 130,000 acres reforested across 600 landowner clients with 7 to 2,000+ acres.


Conservation+ monetizes the ecological values on each acre across wetlands, streams, nutrients, carbon, and species on private landowner's land or on property it purchases.