Valuing our Natural Capital

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Conservation Plus monetizes ecological values (wetlands, streams, nutrients, species, and carbon credits) on private lands. These ecological values are then marketed through regulated exchanges to oil and gas companies developing pipelines; state, local, and federal governments developing public works projects; and developers’ commercial projects contingent on Conservation Plus project sites.

Not long ago, one of the nation’s leading land attorneys observed that the “land world” seemed stuck between those wanting to preserve land and those feeling forced to give in to development pressures. Conservation Plus addresses those concerns, building layers of land value into a stream of ecological monetizations.

This division of AIM monetizes ecological values for wetlands, streams, nutrients, carbon, and species on private lands by leveraging AIM’s decade-long experience in creating and growing new forests. Conservation Plus has come into its own with 475,000 acres under management, including purchased properties and a number of wetland mitigation banks it has helped assemble.