ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem) represents all of the environmental and conservation attributes associated with one acre of restoration. ACRE takes the technology of trees and carries it one step further. By bundling together all of the natural assets that exist in one acre of land; a synergy is created between conservation and capitalism. We understand that doing good on scale, rather than just less bad, must have an incentive greater than conservation alone. Bundling nature’s assets does just that, it allows landowners the opportunity to bring to the marketplace the full range of environmental commodities from carbon to water to the full diversity of species that call the forest home.

A recent study commissioned by parent company, C2I, showed that reforestation brought to scale around the world can sequester as much as 15% of the world’s current emission output. This scale will lead to a ten-percent reduction of of Global Mean Temperature (GMT) in absolute terms.


As the world races to prevent a 2 degree C rise of GMT, reforestation is the only immediately scalable solution. Unfortunately, and far too often, people get caught up and limited by mechanical solutions as the only answer. There is a genius to nature. Given 1/3 of all the emissions has come from deforestation, it only makes sense that we embrace the power of nature and restore ecosystems around the world and do it on scale.


Trees have the power to change lives and perspectives. Our love of trees is being coupled with a scientific urgency, which says what the world needs now is new and expansive forests on scale. We are growing new forests at a rate seldom seen in North America and targeting river systems to deliver multiple benefits in terms of carbon, water and biodiversity.   


It is time that we embrace the power of nature and plant trees! We need to start thinking of nature as a source of innovation and a technological solution. Reforestation is driving countless regenerative benefits—to our environment, to our economy, and to future generations.

The power to change the world, to clean the air, to purify water and to give hope to humanity comes from the simple act of planting trees.

Forests offer one of the best mechanisms with which to stem climate change, and they are by far the lowest-cost and most scalable carbon solution, according to the National Academy of Science. Further evidence from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that since 1750, one-third of all the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere comes from deforestation. With 50–60% of clean water coming from forested ecosystems, reforestation delivers multiple benefits on each acre returned to forest.


Trees are nature’s solution to rising temperatures, increased flooding and pollution control. Trees are the green infrastructure that will hold our soils in place, clean our streams and rivers, purify the air we breathe and shrink the carbon footprint of our industrious nation. Trees provide the bridge to a low carbon world. We need trees, and in fact new forests, on scale. New forests, grown and managed to achieve thriving density, depend on expert planning, soil analysis and proven best management practices in forestry.