Healing America’s Heartland

True environmental solutions are fundamental to the restoration of the health and vitality of America’s heartland.

In order to succeed, these solutions must be comprehensive, focused, and inextricably woven into our economic development. Finally, the shift away from incrementalism to significant investment is starting to take place and ACRE Investment Management is leading the charge.

ACRE is in the midst of the greatest single private conservation forestry initiative ever undertaken in the United States–a 10 year, one-million-acre conservation initiative building new forests in America that unite scale, speed, restoration, carbon generation, ecosystem repair, and climate impact. This vision aims to plant over 500 million new trees and will result in the generation of 300 million reforestation carbon credits.

Trees enable the growth of carbon supply. That’s precisely why ACRE is committed to the carbon asset as the foundation that drives forest creation. The economics of carbon in terms of price and demand is the foundation for growing forestry ecosystems on scale. At the same time, reforestation is critical to meet the increasing demand for carbon credits. The new forests planted by ACRE help satisfy this appetite.


From Vision to Reality

AIM and its visionary leaders, are restoring the ecological and economic health of “America’s Amazon.” Since 2003, we have brought to fruition many of the key components of our ambitious vision to reforest one million acres. But we are talking about more than changing the shape of real estate, we are talking about the future of the young environmental industry sector.

AIM is more than just talk — we are the reforestation leader who turned the conventional approach to conservation on its head by harnessing the power of the economy to drive conservation, as opposed to relying on philanthropic motives. We developed a unique “inter-planting” method that maximizes both growth and carbon capture.

There are real, proven, dangerous consequences for businesses, human health, and the stability of our global infrastructure if the global temperature continues to rise unabated. AIM, in partnership with our landowners and corporate partners, is achieving wide impacts by planting forests, not trees.

Forests are the scale. By concentrating the many benefits of forests, such as cleaning air and water, fostering biodiversity, and controlling sediment runoff, we are at the helm moving Earth’s needle more quickly in the direction of progress. AIM has the technology and vision to address the growing appetite for trees, forests, and carbon, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

When it comes to the climate crisis, we are at a tipping point in history. The race is on, and the horizon is short, to address climate change and prevent its many ramifications for the people, plants, and animal kingdom of our world. Corporations can be leaders in this — a good decision for the planet, and business bottom line. AIM is here to help achieve that goal.

It is time that we embrace the power of nature and plant treees.

We need to start thinking of nature as a source of innovation and a technological solution. Reforestation is driving countless regenerative benefits—to our environment, to our economy, and to future generations.